3000L/H RO System+EDI Ad Blue Project

Ad blue, a liquid used in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) technology to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel vehicle exhaust. Its composition is 32.5% high-purity urea and 67.5% deionized water. Diesel exhaust gas treatment fluid (commonly known as: automobile urea, vehicle urea, and automobile environmental urea) is a consumable product that must be used […]

Shrimp farm recycling water treatment project case

Our client’s company is a state-owned factory in Surabaya, Indonesia; they want  the waste water generated from shrimp washing can be treated for recycling purposes; The quality of the waste water from the shrimp washing process is still very bad like below: However, due to the shortage of water resources, this water must be treated […]

500L Per Hour RO System for Russia Buyer-Beverage Factory Project

his is the 500lph RO machine for beverage factory. The main business of the factory is producing fruit juice such as carbonated fruit juice. If the tap water used to make the juice is not purified, there will be a large amount of suspended matter and colloidal matter deposited at the bottom of the bottle, […]

2000Liter Per hour RO system for underground water for Mongolia buyer

The factory of our customers is located in the Mongolian desert; it is the largest cement factory in Mongolia(pic as below), 600 kilometers away from the capital Ulaanbaatar. The location of the cement factory is remote and people there can only use water from the underground. However, due to desert conditions, limited groundwater resources, high […]

20 TPH Water Treatment Project in Angola

Project Introduction   This is 20TPH RO water treatment, we apply to a juice factory located in Angola. The customers purchase this equipment for their juice factory . Their Feed water is underground water and city tap water. The output water needs to be mixed into the syrup to produce the juice that meets the requirements. According to […]

Excellent industrial complete set of reverse osmosis water purification equipment is provided for the use of filtered water by big brand cosmetics companies

Description PRODUCT Reverse osmosis machine can produce fresh water though desalinate . It’s a kind of technology to increase the water source using. Not only can it increase the total amount of freshwater, but also supply good quality and reasonable price. Moreover, it can guarantee freshwater supply for coastal residents’ and industrial water boilers stably, etc. Project Introduction