Ocpuritech-High-quality Deionized Water System | 2000liter Per Hour Ro System For

The factory of our customers is located in the Mongolian desert; it is the largest cement factory in Mongolia(pic as below), 600 kilometers away from the capital Ulaanbaatar.

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The location of the cement factory is remote and people there can only use water from the underground. However, due to desert conditions, limited groundwater resources, high water hardness and turbidity, even

If workers use water to wash hands, they feel it dirty and very dry.There are about 100 workers in the cement factory, who need to use turbidity limited groundwater daily as domestic water.In that case, we recommend following design and solution according to the water situation of the cement factory.
1)Groundwater, poor water quality: it is necessary to improve water quality by Reverse osmosis system; that is to be treated for direct drinking.
2)High water hardness: it is necessary to add water softener system to reduce water hardness and make  the water soft, then before water enters into reverse osmosis.
3)The groundwater has high turbidity. it is designed to add quartz sand to filter, remove impurities and reduce turbidity before softening water.
4)As there are about 100 workers need to use water: so the capacity of reverse osmosis system must be 2500L/H to be enough to maintain the normal water consumption;
5)Design Benefit:
A: High recovery rate: Due to the shortage of groundwater resources, our engineer suggest to use multiple membranes to improve the water purification recovery rate; that from the normal 50% up to 70%.
B:Simple operation for the RO system: Using the PLC with touch screen combination, if there is any problem with the equipment, the touch screen can be easy to see and understand where the problem is.
C: Suitable Design: perfect design, save space.

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Below is RO System Details:
Recovery Rate:70%
Source water quality:1000 ppm
Purified water quality: 21.5 ppm ;
Voltage : 380V, 50HZ,3P;                    



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