The conductivity meter will show the treated water value, according the showed value, you can judge the water quality.
Main difference is the Control Valve of pretreatment. When run – backwashing – washing, the manual type RO system need manual operation, The automatical RO system can set the time through the valve to time operation – backwashing – washing
1.the most convenient method: look at the pressure difference of the pressure gauge on the side of the tank; (after backwashing) 2.You can use the Residual chlorine reagent to test to product water Chlorine content. If the water color changed, then need to replace new activated carbon. 3.Just do a simple small test:   Take a part of the activated carbon in the activated carbon filter tank, and then take a part of the new activated carbon into the water to observe whether there are a lot of small bubbles in the water.   If the used activated carbon produces less bubbles than the new activated carbon, then indicate that the saturation of the used activated carbon is full and needs to be replaced.
Quartz sand : 2-3years ( depending on the raw water quality ) Coco nut carbon idion:2-3years ( depending on the raw water quality ) Resin : 2-3years ( depending on the raw water quality) RO Membrane : 18-24 months ( depending on the raw water quality)
RO membranes desalination efficiency is 96%-99%.
To use the low-energy membrane elements, but it should be noted that their salt rejection is slightly lower than standard membrane elements.
1.If the system uses the antiscalant, when the water temperature is between 20 and 38 ℃, about 4 hours; when it is below 20 ℃, about 8 hours; 2.If the system does not use antiscalant, it will take about 1 day.
Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is very dense and has a very high removal rate for viruses, phage and bacteria, at least 3logs (removal rate>99.9%). However, in many cases, it should be noted that microbial recurrence may still occur on the product water side of the membrane, it depends on the way of assembly, monitoring and maintenance. That is to say, the ability of a system to remove microorganisms mainly depends on whether the system is designed, operated, and managed properly, not the nature of the membrane element itself.
1,when SDI<3, chemical cleaning(cip) frequency every year 4 times ; 2,when SDI=5, chemical cleaning (CIP ) Frequency every year 8times ; every chemical cleaning ( CIP ) also depending on the at site system detail
Need to check 3 things as below : 1,when the design capacity reduced 10%-15% ; 2,when the Desalination reduce 10%-15%; 3, when the operating pressure and the differential pressure increase 10-15%; Should be take the chemical to washing membrane , mean (CIP) ;
Membrane life depending on the following : 1,membrane performance 2,raw water quality ; 3, Pre-treatment system ; 4,Chemical cleaning(washing) Frequency(CIP) ; 5, operating machine knowledge; Normally, can be running for 2-3 years or above 5 years;
Use the carbon filter to remove bad smell of the water
Yes , we can do it , we use the Alkaline stone , after the RO machine , the PH can be between 8-9