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First-stage filter cartridges of most household water purifiers or pure water machine are made of PP cotton filter. The first-stage filter will not only directly affect the water quality, but also affect the subsequent three or four-stage filtration effect and the life of the filter element, so the quality of the PP cotton filter is especially important for the water purifier.
PP Cotton Filter Principle
The PP cotton filter core is made of polypropylene resin, and is formed by winding of fibers themselves. The structure of the filter element is thick in the outer layer, the inner layer is thin, the outer layer is loose, and the inner layer is tightly tapered to gradually tighten. Filtered from the outer to the inner level, the closer to the inner layer of the filter, the smaller the aperture and the higher the precision of the filtration.

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Since the particles will be bridged in the pores of the PP melt-blown filter, the particles smaller than the pores can be blocked, and the various particulate impurities in the filtered liquid can be effectively removed.
This unique gradient deep filtration forms a three-dimensional filter slag effect, which can be multi-layered deep structure and has a large amount of dirt. The PP melt-blown filter has high strength, when the pressure difference between the filter inlet and outlet is 0.4Mpa, the filtration flow rate is large and the pressure difference is small, the filter element is not deformed; it integrates surface, deep layer and coarse fine filtration into one; it has the characteristics of large flow, corrosion resistance, high pressure and low cost. It is used to block large particles such as rust, sediment and eggs in the water.
Main Function
PP cotton has strong pollutant-holding capacity, long service life, low cost, does not contain any chemical adhesives, safety, etc., so it is used in large quantities in water purification, such as: primary filtration of groundwater/surface water and pre-filtering of water purifier equipment. PP cotton mainly removes coarser impurities, sludge, rust and suspended substances in water.
There are many types of PP cotton filter on the market. We are inevitably distressed when choosing, so how to judge the quality of the filter and the problems that should be paid attention to when changing.
How to judge the quality of PP cotton filter
As a common filter, it is bound to be widely produced, and it is inevitable that there will be a number of sub-filled products, so how do you identify the advantages and disadvantages of PP cotton filter as a savvy consumer?


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The PP cotton filter generally has a relatively loose outer layer and a tight inner layer, which constitutes a multi-layer gradient structure with a gradually decreasing gradient (with a unique gradient deep layer filter forms a three-dimensional filter residue effect, with high porosity, high rejection rate, large dirt holding capacity, large flow, and low pressure drop characteristics). Each layer of this multi-layer structure can intercept and store impurities in the water, when many layers add up, the amount of dirt is large. We can also see from the side of this pp cotton, see the outer layer is relatively clear, then the inner layer is relatively compact, the layers and layers are bonded together
The length of the 10-inch PP cotton filter is 254mm, but the size of the inner and outer diameters is different. The general outer diameter range is 60-65mm, and the inner diameter range is 28-30mm. If the outer diameter is too large, it may not be installed in the filter bottle; if the outer diameter is too small, it may cause the unfiltered water to flow directly into the outlet end of the pp cotton. If the inner diameter is too large, many impurities may not be filtered out, and the inner diameter may be too small, which may cause the water flowing too slowly. Therefore, in selecting the appropriate pp cotton, we must pay attention to whether the inner and outer diameter of PP cotton is between 60-65mm and 28-30mm.
The surface of a good PP cotton feels soft . Careful users may find that the surface of PP cotton is different, some are relatively smooth, some have many small grooves, and there is also a kind of PP cotton with grain. So, are there any good or bad quality pp cottons with different surfaces? In general, ① a PP cotton with grooves and lines increases the specific surface area and increases the amount of dirt. ②The surface of the groove is more likely to cause the impurities to fall off and not stick to the PP cotton, which also increases the service life of the PP cotton to a certain extent.
Regarding to the weight of PP cotton, many people on the Internet say that the heavier the better. Is it really? It has been found that it is generally suitable for 100-130 grams, which means that the weight can ensure the removal of a large amount of impurities in the water, and the filter core has a relatively long service life. Compared with other weight pp cotton filters, it has higher cost performance.
Generally, the higher the fiber density of the filter element, the better the hardness and the better the quality of the filter element. Consumers can pinch the filter element. If it can be clearly felt that the filter element is pinched, it indicates that the filter element is not hard enough and the quality is not good enough.The quality of the PP filter will not be significantly deformed even if an adult stands on it.

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Problems to be aware of when replacing PP cotton filters
After a long time of use, the filter element will be replaced. When the length of the filter element is insufficient, it can be solved by adding a rubber pad.
Also pay attention to the filter element when placing the filter element. Do not harden it when screwing the filter bottle. Unscrew the filter bottle to re-align the filter element to avoid damage to the filter element. After the filter element is installed, it must be rinsed before it can be connected to the back system. Generally, the flushing time should be more than 5 minutes.
In fact, there is still a problem. When is the filter element replaced at any time, there is no hard standard. The filter filter usage time will depend on the water quality. Generally, it is 6 months, but it is best not to exceed 1 year.
After we choose a good PP filter, it is our operation problem, the correct installation and replacement of the filter, will ensure the normal operation of the filter.

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The PP cotton filter has a uniform and dense pore size, and the filtration has the highest precision up to 1 μm. It is mainly used to filter out impurities larger than 1 μm in tap water. In addition, the filtration process of the PP cotton filter is because the PP cotton filter belongs to the first filter of the water purifier. More than 80% of the impurities will be filtered out at this level, and the more impurities are filtered, the easier the filter will block. Therefore, the life of the PP cotton filter is very short, and the area with poor water quality may need to be replaced in more than two months. Therefore, if you purchase a PP cotton filter inside the household water purifier, in order to avoid secondary pollution of the water purifier and affect the filter effect of the filter, it is recommended that you replace the filter every 4-6 months.

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