How to Improve the Desalination Rate?

Our equipment needs to use reverse osmosis membrane. The reverse osmosis process is driven by the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane, so the working pressure level applied to the concentrated water side of the membrane element becomes an important technical indicator. The working pressure of the early aromatic polyamide composite membrane was […]

Precision filter Information

Precision filters, also known as security filters. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel. The filter cartridge adopts the formed filter material (polypropylene fiber melt-blown or wire-wound hive). Under the effect of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter material, the filter residue is left on the filter material, and the filtrate passes through the […]

How to set system recovery rate for reverse osmosis equipment?

The recovery rate of the reverse osmosis system also affects the quality of the permeate water. The recovery rate is higher, then the concentration of concentrated water finally discharged from the system is higher, and on the same time, the permeate water concentration of the final membrane element is higher. In some RO applications, the quality of the permeate is also sufficient to […]

How to debug reverse osmosis water treatment system?

The reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is divided into two parts, one part is pretreatment debugging, and the other part is the main reverse osmosis debugging part. The pretreatment is mainly positive and negative washing quartz sand, activated carbon, so that fine sand charcoal and impurities are washed away, and the amount of water in […]

Several kind of filter cartridge, which one is popular now?

There are many kinds of filter cartridge. Our company mainly produces pp melt blown filter, wound filter and CTO activated carbon. Below is the features and functions of each filter: First, PP filter The PP filter is also called PP melt-blown filter cartridge. The melt-blown filter is made of polypropylene microfiber hot-melt entanglement. The fiber randomly forms a […]

123th Carton fair

Ocpuritech has been attended the 123rd spring Canton Fair , where customers from different countries are very interested in our reverse osmosis system products, like Mr. Ohanweh from Nigeria, Mr. AlEX from Honduras, Mr.Pritam from India, Mr. Victor from Singapore. And Luis from Peru, mostly of them from South American, Africa and Asian countries. During […]

How to choose best PP filter? -5 factors you must know

HOW TO CHOOSE BEST PP filter?-5 factors you must know First-stage filter cartridges of most household water purifiers or pure water machine are made of PP cotton filter. The first-stage filter will not only directly affect the water quality, but also affect the subsequent three or four-stage filtration effect and the life of the filter element, so […]

Can reverse osmosis system remove microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria

Can reverse osmosis system remove microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria? Reverse osmosis (RO) machine is very dense and has a very high removal rate for viruses, phage and bacteria, at least above 3log (removal rate >99.9%). However, it should also be noted that in many cases, microbial re-growth may still occur on the water […]

8 factors affect the desalination rate of reverse osmosis RO system

8 factors affect the desalination rate of reverse osmosis RO system The salt rejection rate is the percentage of the concentration of soluble impurities removed from the influent water through the reverse osmosis membrane. Desalination rate = (1 – salt content of water production / salt content of influent water) × 100%. The desalination rate of the reverse osmosis membrane element is […]