Product Name: 30TPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Project Name: Sri Lanka Coca-Cola Project

Main Components:

Product Features:

Suitable Applications:

In summary, the 30TPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System is a high-performance, high-quality water treatment equipment suitable for various applications, delivering safe, hygienic, and high-purity water.

30m3/hr RO system
Item NameSpecification/ModelQtyBrand
Raw Water Tank (by client)
Transfer PumpCDMF65-20-1
1 pcsCNP
3” UPVC Pipework -PN161 lots
Multimedia filterFRP TANK 6094 (Φ1500*2400mm)2 pcsOcpuritech
Runxin filter valve F112A2pcsrunxin
Quartz sand6400kgOcpuritech
3” UPVC Pipework -PN161lot
Carbon filterFRP TANK 6094 (Φ1500*2400mm)2 pcsOcpuritech
Runxin filter valve F112A2pcsrunxin
3” UPVC Pipework PN161lots
Filtered Water Tank (by client)
RO feed pumpCDMF65-20-1
1 setCNP
3” UPVC Pipework1 lot
30m3/hr ROMicron filter housing 40’’ x 25 element1 setOcpuritech
5micron PP filter cartridge30 pcsOcpuritech
CDMF65-50-1 (30KW) , Vertical centrifugal pump,1 pcsCNP
8040- 6element – 300 PSI Firbe glass pressure vessel5PCS
conductivity transmitter &sensor
Measure Permeate water
2 setsCreate
Standard RotameterInline type3setsOcpuritech
0.7Mpa -2.5 Mpa oil-filled pressure gage5pcsOcpuritech
3”water inlet motor-driven butterfly valve1 pcsOcpuritech
2” flushing motor-driven ball check1 pcs
RO Stainless steel frame1 setOcpuritech
2” SUS304 regulating valve1 pcsOcpuritech
3” handle type metal butterfly valve2 sets
inlet/outlet pressure protection switch2 sets
CIP SystemCDLF65-20 vertical centrifugal pump1 pcsCNP China
380V,50Hz, 3phases
Micron filter housing 40’’ x25elment1 setOcpuritech
5 micron PP filter cartridge25pcsOcpuritech
DN80 water inlet/outlet handle type metal butterfly valve1 set
DN80 water outlet clamp-type SUSmetal check valve1 set
0-1.0MPa pressure gauge1 set
PE 3000L tank1 pcsOcpuritech
Control systemControl box – mild steel1pcsOcpuritech
RO controller ( no PLC)
Contactor / breaker / relay1lotsSchneider
Wire /cable etc1lotsSchnerider
Switch / light butto etc1lotsSchneider

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