factors affect the desalination rate of reverse osmosis RO system

The salt rejection rate is the percentage of the concentration of soluble impurities removed from the influent water through the reverse osmosis membrane. Desalination rate = (1 – salt content of water production / salt content of influent water) × 100%. The desalination rate of the reverse osmosis membrane element is determined at the time of its manufacture, and the high and low salt rejection rate depends on the density of the ultra-thin desalination layer on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane element. The denser the desalination layer , the higher its salt rejection rate . At the same time, the lower the amount of water produced.

The factors affect the desalination rate of reverse osmosis system are:

1.Raw water temperature

When the temperature of the raw water rises, the salt rejection rate increases due to the viscosity of the water;

2.Raw water concentration

When the concentration of raw water is increased, the salt rejection rate decreases;

3.Working pressure

When the working pressure is increased, the salt rejection rate is increased but not obvious;

4.Organic substances

The organic matter in the water has a pollution effect on the membrane, and the more the organic matter, the more the membrane performance is deteriorated;

5.Water hardness

The higher the hardness of water, the more easily the membrane is clogged. For high hardness water, it should be softened firstly, then the hardness should be reduced and then use reverse osmosis;

6.Solid particles

Solid particles are extremely harmful to reverse osmosis membranes and must be pretreated ;


Microorganisms and bacteria in water are harmful to the membrane and must be pretreated ;


Metal oxides entering the reverse osmosis cannot be self-cleared and should be periodically removed by chemical drugs.

Ocpuritech-Factors Affect The Desalination Rate Of Reverse Osmosis Ro System

Ocpuritech have profession RO water treatment system with pretreatment , it could be removed Organic substances,Solid particles,Microbes,Oxide,etc. Desalination rate of RO water treatment machine could be to 96%-99%.

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