In today’s water pollution, small and medium-sized industrial reverse osmosis plant has brought more and more people access to safe and hygienic water. The most important point of using small and medium-sized industrial RO water treatment equipment is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The normal operation of the equipment can guarantee the water production. The stable operation of the equipment can not be separated from the normal maintenance and correct use.

1. If you do not use industrial reverse osmosis plant for a long time, you should turn off the power supply and water source first and then completely discharge the pure water stored in the machine. After several months of continuous use of industrial pure water treatment of equipments, users can also be determined according to the situation and all pure water stored in pure water equipment should be drained once for cleaning. In addition, Some neutral detergents should be used when cleaning surface of industrial pure water treatment equipment.

2. The equipment can not be shut down for a long time and run at least 2 hours a day. If it is ready to stop for more than 72 hours then should apply chemical cleaning equipment and protect the equipment with 1% strict sodium hydrogen sulfate and 18% glycerol.

Ocpuritech-10 Tips For Maintain Reverse Osmosis Plant

3. Regularly check and replace the filter element of the precision filter in time to prevent the filter effect of the filter element from decreasing, which causes particle pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane of reverse osmosis plant and affects the life of reverse osmosis membrane .

4. Regularly analyze and inspect the water quality of industrial pure water treatment equipment, and adjust the dosage of flocculant, bactericide, reducing agent and scale inhibitor according to actual conditions.

5. The total water inflow of reverse osmosis is controlled by the RO inlet regulator. If the amount of reverse osmosis does not change, do not need to adjust the RO inlet regulator. Also Don’t need to open or close completely. The RO Concentrated Water Control Valve is used to regulate system recovery. So If the recovery rate has not changed, don’t need freely adjust the concentrate control valve. It is absolutely forbidden to open completely or completely.

6. Operational pressure control Under the premise of satisfying the water production and water quality,  the lowest possible pressure value is adopted to reduce the replacement rate of the RO membrane.

7. Strictly control the quality of the water inlet to ensure that the equipment is carried out in accordance with the water quality requirements of the water intake. The quality of inlet water does not meet the requirements, and it is easy to cause RO membrane fouling, which causes the filter material to fail rapidly and seriously affects the effluent quality.

8. Quartz sand filters should be washed and backwashed on time. Because the sewage contains a large number of suspended solids and organic matter, if the long-term retention in the filter material will lead to bacterial microbial propagation in the filter material, resulting in anaerobic decay, the filter material should be cleaned regularly.

9. In order to meet the expected water quality standards during the operation of reverse osmosis plant , reverse osmosis membrane as a core filter element has a limited service life. Because of the poor quality of the source water or its service life, its performance will degrade and it will not be able to function properly in serious cases.

How often is the RO reverse osmosis membrane cleaned? How to judge RO membrane needs cleaning?

★ The cleaning cycle of the contaminated reverse osmosis membrane is determined according to the actual situation on site, and the normal cleaning cycle is once every 3-12 months.

★ How to judge the reverse osmosis membrane needs cleaning? Chemical cleaning or physical cleaning is required when the reverse osmosis system has the following symptoms:

A. Under normal water supply pressure, the water production is 10-15% lower than the normal value;

B. In order to maintain normal water production, the temperature corrected feed water pressure is increased by 10% to 15%;

C. The water quality of the produced water is reduced by 10% to 15%, and the permeability of the salt is increased by 10% to 15%;

D. The water supply pressure increases by 10-15%;

10. After using the reverse osmosis membrane for a period of time, there will be microorganisms covering the RO membrane, which need to be cleaned in time. Otherwise, the performance of the reverse osmosis plant will decline and the water quality will be affected. The RO membrane cleaning method is as follows:

When the reverse osmosis membrane exhibits a decrease in performance, if the life span has not been reached, the performance can be restored by washing. First choose the detergent formulation. Configure the cleaning solution to the cleaning tank, then close the valve to form a circulating cleaning system, connect the cleaning line, and turn on the cleaning pump and power switch. According to the specified flow rate, pressure, temperature and time when cleaning. After cleaning is completed,

Inject water that meets the water intake index.

The above is the basic maintenance work for reverse osmosis plant introduced for everyone. I believe that you have mastered these strategies and can use the device very well to improve the performance of the device. If you encounter any problems during the maintenance of your equipment, you can always contact Ocpuritech, Ocpuritech is a supplier offering professional water treatment solution.

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