Ocpuritech-Water Treatment For Cosmeticsmake Up | Uf Filter Factory

Pursing beauty is a human nature. Women are particularly prominent. People’s demands for beauty continue to increase. Therefore, the industrial status of cosmetics can be unshakable. Pure water equipment provides water protection for cosmetics. The cosmetics industry uses reverse osmosis and is used in conjunction with pre-treatment. Pure water equipment for cosmetics industry 1. High water permeability, high salt rejection rate, and ≥98% under normal conditions. 2. High retention and removal of organics, colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat sources, etc. 3, ultra-low pressure settings, low energy consumption, high water utilization, operating costs lower than other desalination equipment. 4, automatic control, the main components imported components, with a reliable and stable performance. 5, the device is small, and enjoys simple operation, easy maintenance, strong adaptability, long service life.

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