If low pressure occurs while using equipment,how to deal with it?

1、Pls have a check whether the size of the inlet pipe is same as the inlet of raw water pump. If not, there would be insufficient water problem due to the water inlet pipe is too small or water inlet go slowly.

2、When starting the RO system ,the high-pressure pump starting, the inlet water will be drained quickly by high-pressure pump,it leads to the low pressure alarms. Pls try to open and adjust the return valve.

3、The function of the return valve: It is to replenish water while the high-pressure pump pumps water, so that the low-pressure switch is consistent and the equipment can operate normally.

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How to adjust the return valve? 

For example, if the feed water pressure gauge is lower than 0.1MPa, pls turn right of water return valve to increase the return water flow, so as to meet the pressure requirements of the pressure switch 0.1MPa

Pls check whether the waste water valve is open while adjusting the return valve,. Its principle: when adjust the waste water valve, reducing the waste water flow can increase the pressure of RO membrane and the flow of product water. At the same time, the pressure of high-pressure pump increases and the pumping speed and flow decreases, so as to increase the inlet water pressure and avoid low pressure problem

If there is still low pressure alarms, pls set the initial value of the equipment pressure gauge down from 1.5 to 1, and pressure difference as 0.5-0.8. Then restart the machine after setting and check again whether water goes on and the inlet pressure gauge operates normally

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