With the continuous advancement of industrialization, more and more sources of water pollution, the composition of water is becoming more and more complex, and the quality of water is declining. In this case, there is less and less potable water that can meet people’s needs. Improving  water quality is already imminent. For the hotel industry that survives with high quality service, in order to satisfy customers and find advantages in the fierce competition, we will use the hotel’s Commercial reverse osmosis system , which can produce high quality pure water and guarantee customers’ Drinking water is safe and healthy.

Benefits of using pure water:

1. The hotel’s catering department uses high-quality pure water to soak and wash the cooking food, which can better ensure the catering hygiene, thereby improving the taste of the food, satisfying the customer’s health requirements, establishing a good reputation and attracting more guests.

2. To provide customers with high-quality and healthy pure drinking water, improve drinking water convenience, meet the high-grade needs of customers, and attract more high-end consumers.

Ocpuritech-How The Reverse Osmosis System To Improve Hotel Benefits | News

The operation of the machine has to go through many links, and each link can profoundly affect the final result. Commercial reverse osmosis system provided by Ocpuritech is directly connected to the tap water to produce pure water, which is ready to drink and avoid secondary pollution.  Commercial reverse osmosis system is the raw water into the original water pump and three-stage pretreatment system, the pretreatment system consists of sand filter, carbon filter, softener, removes the tiny particle size of the suspension colloid and the residual chlorine . The equipment is filtered by a precision filter, and the raw water is sent to the reverse osmosis host system. The use of advanced reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove inorganic salt ions in water, as well as impurities such as colloids, bacteria, viruses, and organic matter.

Health and convenience are prerequisites for people to stay in the hotel. Ocpuritech can provide customers with healthier and more convenient water filtration system, and provide customers with considerate services.


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