How to choose best PP filter? -5 factors you must know

HOW TO CHOOSE BEST PP filter?-5 factors you must know First-stage filter cartridges of most household water purifiers or pure water machine are made of PP cotton filter. The first-stage filter will not only directly affect the water quality, but also affect the subsequent three or four-stage filtration effect and the life of the filter element, so […]

Can reverse osmosis system remove microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria

Can reverse osmosis system remove microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria? Reverse osmosis (RO) machine is very dense and has a very high removal rate for viruses, phage and bacteria, at least above 3log (removal rate >99.9%). However, it should also be noted that in many cases, microbial re-growth may still occur on the water […]

8 factors affect the desalination rate of reverse osmosis RO system

8 factors affect the desalination rate of reverse osmosis RO system The salt rejection rate is the percentage of the concentration of soluble impurities removed from the influent water through the reverse osmosis membrane. Desalination rate = (1 – salt content of water production / salt content of influent water) × 100%. The desalination rate of the reverse osmosis membrane element is […]

2 benefits of water softener for hotel industrial

With the rise of tourism, a large number of hotel industry has gradually increased, people’s living standards have improved, many people love to travel all over the world ,there are high quality requirements for hotels. However, the hotel’s quilts, bed sheets, etc. are all of a special concern, so how does the hotel’s water quality […]

How the reverse osmosis system to improve hotel benefits?

With the continuous advancement of industrialization, more and more sources of water pollution, the composition of water is becoming more and more complex, and the quality of water is declining. In this case, there is less and less potable water that can meet people’s needs. Improving  water quality is already imminent. For the hotel industry […]

Within 9 minutes you will know the whole water treatment methods for beverage industry

Water is one of the important raw materials in beverage production, accounting for 80%-90% of the total volume of beverages (except for solid beverages). The quality of the water directly affects the quality of the beverage, so a comprehensive understanding of the various properties of the water, and know professional water treatment methods for beverage […]

Tips For Buying Reverse Osmosis Water System

Water is an essential source of life on this blue planet of ours. If we look at Earth from space we can see that 75% of it is covered by oceans, rivers and ice. Humans themselves are also made of water; it makes up about 60 % of our body’s weight. We must drink 2-4 liters of it […]

How Does A RO Water Plant Work?

Reverse Osmosis, RO for short, is one of the most effective water filtration systems available on the market. Osmosis is the process by which water moves over a semi-permeable membrane in an attempt to equalize a solution or suspension.  Reverse osmosis uses pressure to push water back over the same semi-permeable membrane, leaving bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other particles […]