Customer Case Study: Water Filtration Solution for Sierra Leone Customer’s Groundwater Challenges

Background: In Sierra Leone, our customer faced challenges with high turbidity and iron content in groundwater, making it difficult to produce high-quality bottled water. To address this issue, they sought our water treatment solution. Challenges: Solution: To meet the customer’s needs and challenges, we recommended the following solution: Results: Through our customized water treatment solution, […]

Large RO System: A Comprehensive Guide by Ocpuritech

Clean and safe drinking water is more crucial than ever, and the Large RO System from Ocpuritech stands as a beacon of advanced water purification technology. In a world where concerns over water quality and safety are on the rise, having a reliable system capable of removing contaminants becomes essential for both homeowners and businesses. […]

Production Equipment for High-Quality Water Treatment Systems

Production Equipment for High-Quality Water Treatment Systems At Ocpuritech, we uphold a commitment to excellence, and this commitment is reflected in our utilization of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. Our state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the precision and quality of every water treatment system we create. Key Features of Our Production […]

0.5 Tons Per Hour Reverse Osmosis Main Machine

Product Description: This is a hot-selling new product with a capacity of 0.5 tons per hour for the reverse osmosis main machine. The reverse osmosis main machine features a compact design and utilizes reverse osmosis technology for professional water purification. It is cost-effective, characterized by a small size to save space, and is user-friendly. The […]

Two-Pass Reverse Osmosis with EDI System

Capacity: 500 liters per hour Application: Suitable for wet wipes and pharmaceutical industries, among others Product Introduction: The Two-Pass Reverse Osmosis with EDI System is an advanced water treatment system that combines reverse osmosis and ion exchange technologies to provide high purity and ultra-pure water. It is suitable for applications in industries such as wet […]

30TPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Product Name: 30TPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System Project Name: Sri Lanka Coca-Cola Project Main Components: Product Features: Suitable Applications: In summary, the 30TPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System is a high-performance, high-quality water treatment equipment suitable for various applications, delivering safe, hygienic, and high-purity water. 30m3/hr RO system Item Name Specification/Model Qty Brand Raw […]