his is the 500lph RO machine for beverage factory. The main business of the factory is producing fruit juice such as carbonated fruit juice. If the tap water used to make the juice is not purified, there will be a large amount of suspended matter and colloidal matter deposited at the bottom of the bottle, affecting the taste of the juice and even causing the product to deteriorate, so the water quality is very important for fruit juice.

The raw water in the beverage factory is tap water, but only after proper water treatment water quality meets certain requirements and is stored in the large storage water tank. Water used for beverage production should not only meet the standards of drinking water but also remove suspended matter, colloid and dissolved the salt in water.

Ocpuritech-Find Edi Water Treatment edi System On Ocpuritech Water Treatment

Suspended Matter

Impurities with a particle size greater than 0.2μm in tap water are collectively referred to as suspended solids. These impurities will make the water turbid and precipitate itself when it is stationary. Suspended impurities are mainly soil, inorganic substances (such as sand) and plankton (such as cyanobacteria, Chlorophyta, diatoms) and microorganisms. Suspended matter precipitates in beverage bottles, forming fluffy dirt or flocculating particles at the bottom of the bottle. The harmful suspended matter will not only affect the taste of the products but also make the products degenerate.


RO System Details are below :

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