With the rise of tourism, a large number of hotel industry has gradually increased, people’s living standards have improved, many people love to travel all over the world ,there are high quality requirements for hotels. However, the hotel’s quilts, bed sheets, etc. are all of a special concern, so how does the hotel’s water quality affect the laundry room?

Two factors affect the quality of the laundry room:

1. Washing with hard water not only causes adverse effects on the sheets, but also consumes more soap than soft water. For every one degree increase in water hardness, soap will be increased per ton of water .

2. In addition to heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium ions, water also contains a certain amount of iron. Groundwater in low-humidity basins and coastal plains is mostly high in iron content. When tap water plants produce tap water, the tap water from the factory passes through a certain distance of the water pipeline to reach the users, and a large part of the water pipeline is galvanized and Iron ,pipes usually do not guarantee the integrity of the zinc film of the pipe. If such tap water is used, the fabric would be easily yellow.

Ocpuritech-2 Benefits Of Water Softener For Hotel Industrial | News On Ocpuritech

With the continuous improvement of the hotel service industry, most star-rated hotels have used water softener, and its benefits are as below:

1. The benefits of soft water washing ,Because the soft water does not contain heavy metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, it will not react with the detergent and will not form insoluble deposits, eliminating the stains attached to the clothes, and avoiding the sheet covering yellow and harden, so you can save a lot of detergent, bleach, while saving huge hotel operating costs.

2, The installation of water softener can also bring a lot of convenience, to avoid the blockage after bathing equipment, pipe scaling, so that the clothes are not yellow and harden after washing, and save water, maintenance costs, detergents and soap bar.

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