5T/Dual-Pipe Fully Automatic Ultrafiltration Water Purification System

  1. Effortless Control: SPUF-5T-PCB Water Purification System Controller
  2. Automated Filtration: Dual-Pipe Water Filter Controller
  3. Convenient Operation: UF-4060 Water Purification Control Panel
  4. Easy Maintenance: Automatic Flush & Backwash
  5. Reliable Performance: Maintenance-Free Filtration
  6. Powerful Relay Capacity: 7A/AC250V
  7. Customizable Settings: Automatic Memory Function

Product Model: SPUF-5T-PCB

The UF-4060 Dual-Pipe Fully Automatic Ultrafiltration Water Purification System Controller is designed for efficient and hassle-free water filtration. Equipped with automatic control and timer settings, this system features forward flushing, backwashing, and maintenance-free operation. Its automatic memory function ensures that user-defined settings are retained even in the event of a power outage.

Key Features:

Dual-pipe fully automatic ultrafiltration water purification system
Automatic control and timer settings for convenience
Forward flushing and backwashing functions for thorough cleaning
Maintenance-free operation for hassle-free use
Automatic memory function preserves user-defined settings during power outages
Relay contact capacity: 7A/AC250V
Recommended power for directly controlling solenoid valves: <5A/AC 220V (for solenoid valves with higher power, please use an intermediate relay for control)
Enhance your water purification experience with the UF-4060 Dual-Pipe Fully Automatic Ultrafiltration Water Purification System Controller. Enjoy clean and safe water with ease and peace of mind.

SPUF-5T-PCB Ultrafiltration Water Purification System Controller Reliable Power Relay Capacity: 7A/AC250V Dual-Pipe Fully Automatic Water Filtration Controller UF-4060 Automatic Water Purification System Control Panel Automatic Flush and Backwash Functionalit Maintenance-Free Water Filtration System