TDS 0 ultra pure water deionized machine 1000l edi water treatment system

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Quick Details
Applicable Industries:
Food & Beverage Shops
After Warranty Service:
Field maintenance and repair service
Local Service Location:
south africa
Showroom Location:
south africa
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
After-sales Service Provided:
Online support
Ultra-pure water
Business type:
CE Certificate
Inlet water conductivity:
less than 10us/cm
Inlet water hardness:
≤1ppm(by CaCO3)
Inlet water organic matter:
TOC when <0.5ppm,can not be checked
Inlet water heavy metal:
ion< 0.01ppm Fe,Mn,transitional metals
Inlet water silicon:
< 0.5ppm(by SiO2 )
Product water resistivity range:
15-18 MΩ.cm

Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
3000 Case/Cases per Month

Online Customization

Products Description
EDI, CEDI (Electro-deionization) is a process that uses ion exchange resins to absorb ions from a dilute water stream and then transports the absorbed ions through ion-exchange membranes into a concentrate water stream under the influence of an applied electro field. In the process,ion exchange resins do not need to be regenerated via acid or alkali.
This new technology could replace traditional Electrode ionization (DI) equipment, produces ultrapure water whose resistance can reach 18 MΩ-cm based on your raw water quality and produced water requirements, it can all be fully customized and designed by our professional engineers to meet your business requirements.
EDI module PND-1000L
PND/ China
CNP, China
SUS 304 /0.37KW
EDI Controlling System
Relay,contactor, breaker
,switch etc
Resistivity Meter
Create, China
LED Digtal
20″ Precision filter
engineering plastics
1tph panel Flow Meter
MBLD, China
Plexiglass Panel
Pressure Gauge
YYK, China
Oil Filled Antisepsis Panel
DN25/20 Solenoid valve
Water inlet/outlet Pipes & Valves
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1. High and stable output water quality;
2. Output water continuously, do not regenerate due to stopping;
3. Do not need chemical regeneration;
4. Thoughtful stacked design, small occupy room
5. Simple and safe operation
6. Low operation and maintain cost
7. No acid and alkali in stock and transportation fee
8. Totally automatic operation, do not need mens attention
1. Fresh water quality, transparent processing, clean, health, and meet GB requirements
2. High technical, stable operation, easy to maintain, long life time
3. We can design upon customers requirement
4. Competitive price, more profit

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2. Cosmetics
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Product packaging
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Why Choose Us
Ocpuritech, professional OEM manufacturer with 12 years technical experience.We provides the customized products and OEM service.
Various new collections and design are coming out each month. The factory own the proficient skill and updated machine. We have
professional QC team to check the equipment’s quality before delivery. And we could provide the free technical training.
Company Profile
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Ocpuritech – Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., ltd. The company was founded in 2008, with 12 years technical experience. Ocpuritech is divided into Large Size Equipment Factory and Cartridge Factory. Equipment Factory located at Panyu Guangzhou, Filter Cartridge Factory located at Jiangmen Guangdong.

Ocpuritech is a leading manufacturer of PP, CTO filter cartridge, Blue Filter housing, UV System in China.

The companies grew over 1000 square meters in the ensuing 12 years. It has been trusted and praised by more than 30 countries. Our main market are South Africa, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, etc.

We depending on warm-hearted services and professional technology experiences, we have been trying our best to excavate commerce application from the science and technology to help customers develop business. With a professional foreign trade team, sales turnover has been increased more than 60% last year.

Mrs. Carrie Chan, the owner of Ocpuritech, she hope everybody in the world can drink the pure water which produce by our RO Water Equipment. We’ve always specialized in design, manufacturing and service customization.

Q: Are you trading company or factory?
A: We are factory.

Q: How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?
A: Reverse osmosis systems purify water by forcing pressurized water through a very fine, plastic membrane. If the raw water being
treated comes from a well or another private source, disinfection and pre-filters (to remove chlorine and/or
particulates/sediment) may be needed in advance of the R/O unit to remove contaminants that can foul or damage the membrane.

Q: How Do I Know What Size Unit to Buy?
A: R/O units are rated according to the amount of treated water produced per day. For example, one type of unit produces 5000
liters of treated water per day under its design conditions. In reality, conditions frequently vary. Line pressure is often lower,
water will frequently be colder than 25° C and backpressure in the storage tank will likely reduce the performance of the unit.
Consequently, you should examine water conditions and buy a larger rated unit than needed if any of the above problems are noted

Q: Material of the reverse osmosis system?
A: You can choose FRP filter + U-PVC pipe, stainless steel filter + U-PVC pipe or total stainless steel.

Guidelines for getting a proper quotation:

1. Tell us the production capacity you want(0.5T/H,1T/H, 2T/H……)?
2. What is your source water(tap water/underground water….)?
3. What is the product water used for(drinking /bottled water….)?
4. If you have the water report, please send us.

Available in different sizes, the product is extensively used in the field. Ocpuritech device enjoy more favorable price and finest quality.
We have the widest range of production technologies for achieving these great performances and quality. Ocpuritech device enjoy more favorable price and finest quality.