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Solar Water Systems Energy Based Panel Of Fountain Distillation Advantages Device Purification Desalination Filter Purifier


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220V, 50Hz 1 phase or 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Raw water TDS
Below 2000 ppm
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Guangdong, Guangzhou
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CE Certification
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The device enable the product to include pay-per-use micropayment and remote monitoring. The majority of PLCs use WiFi or enact communication via built-in ports that employ USB interfaces.


The configuration of a PLC is usually done through its WiFi or USB port. Most PLC manufacturers design their PLCs with a default port and many of them also come equipped with an USB port as well. Network connection is enabled through the USB port which allows PLC software running on servers to interact with the PLCs. This allows communication between the PLCs, controlling servers and the network connected devices that they are monitoring


Remote PLC access is achieved by virtualizing your connections.

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product-Solar Water Systems Energy Based Panel Of Fountain Distillation Advantages Device Purifica



?? Various kinds of pure water and drinking water purification

?? Industrial water purification and useful material recycling

?? Medical sterile water and water for injection to manufacture

?? Juice concentrated and refined

?? Minerals purification and sterile

?? Process water purification and sterile

?? Wine and lighter white spirit refined through membrane method 

?? Use solar



New design for the RO Water Treatment System??

In this system, we add the PLC and touch screen which can help you to make the remote control when you don’t have time in local point.


1. With the remote control function, you can use your mobile phone and computer to work in the other place.

2. To achieve the remote control function, you first need to have a hot spot, network cable or WIFI.

3. When the device happen any problems, you can be notified in time by phone, SMS and email.

4. It will periodically prompt you to replace the filter.


Our Service


??We can provide the manual instruction of the machine and our engineer prepares to arrange the installation process in order to receive the products by the client. 

??This RO machine has passed CE certification to ensure the products is sold by healthy, safe and comply with environmental protection standards. 

??Each machine is protected by the film to avoid scratching. After then fitted with a solid wooden box, which can be suitable for long-term sea transportation. 

??The fast delivery date can be reached within 1-2 weeks.