China Guangzhou 2000L/h reverse osmosis water treatment plant with DI device

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Control Mode:
Control cabinet:
indepent cabinet
DI module:
Water pump:
CNP / Grundfos
Different kinds of water
Control screen:
Touch screen
sand, carbon and resin filters

Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
200 Set/Sets per Month

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Product Description

 Product name:   China Guangzhou 2000L/h reverse osmosis water treatment plant with DI device


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Main usages


1, Preparation of electronic industrial production such as funnels, tubes, pure water, high pure water required for a liquid crystal display technology, circuit boards, computer hard drives, integrated circuit chips, silicon semiconductors;
2,  preparation of heat, thermal power boilers, industrial enterprises, the low-pressure boiler feed water required for softened water, desalination water;
3,  preparation of the pharmaceutical industry required medical infusion, injection, pharmaceutical, biochemical products water, medical sterile water, and artificial kidney dialysis with pure water;
4,  preparation of beverages (including alcohol) industry clean drinking water, distilled water, mineral water, wine brewing water and blending with pure water;
5, seawater, brackish water and domestic water preparation of drinking water;
6,  Preparation plating process with deionized water; a battery (battery) pure water production technology; automobiles, household appliances, building materials
Surface coating, cleaning chaotic water; coated glass with pure water; textile dyeing process required in addition to hard demineralized water;
7, petrochemical industry such as chemical reactor cooling water; chemicals, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process with pure water;
8, hotels, buildings, high-quality water supply network system Properties of the airport community swimming pool and water purification;
9, circuit boards, electroplating, electronics industrial wastewater treatment and reuse;
10, life, hospitals, leather, printing and dyeing, paper industry wastewater and landfill leachate treatment;


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