750LPH 4040 Ultrafiltration Filter uf water treatment


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Ultra filtration system is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matters (including colloids & silt) from water. It serves as a pretreatment for surface water, sea water and biologically-treated municipal effluent before reverse osmosis and other membrane systems. In addition to superior turbidity removal, UF ultra filtration system efficiently removes bacteria and most viruses. Ocpuritech also have other brand’s UF membrane, like GE UF membrane, Bangmo UF membrane, Saveyor UF membrane.



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This UF System has been add CIP. CIP cleaning does not decompose production equipment. It is safe and automatical and almost has been apply in many food, beverage and pharmaceutical factories. CIP cleaning not only cleans the machine, but also controls microorganisms.

CIP cleaning technology has been widely used in advanced food industries. For example, Angel Yeast, a leading company in the yeast industry, uses a full set of CIP cleaning procedures to clean pipes and tanks.

The CIP cleaning device has the following advantages:

1. Can rationalize production plan and increase production capacity.

2. Compared with man-made washing, CIP??s cleaning effect can??t be affected by the different operators. Beside it can improves the product quality.

3. It can prevent the danger in cleaning operation and save labor.

4. It can save cleaning agent, steam, water and production cost.

5. Can increase the life of machine parts.



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?? Car washing recycling water

?? Various kinds of pure water and drinking water purification

?? Industrial water purification and useful material recycling

?? Medical sterile water and water for injection to manufacture

?? Juice concentrated and refined

?? Minerals purification and sterile

?? Process water purification and sterile

?? Wine and lighter white spirit refined through membrane method 


Our Service

??We can provide the manual instruction of the machine and our engineer prepares to arrange the installation process in order to receive the products by the client.

??This RO machine has passed CE certification to ensure the products is sold by healthy, safe and comply with environmental protection standards.

??Each machine is protected by the film to avoid scratching. After then fitted with a solid wooden box, which can be suitable for long-term sea transportation.

??The fast delivery date can be reached within 1-2 weeks.