3072 Pressure vessels for water treatment application

Brand NameOcpuritech

Place of origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number
For water treatment application
Natural, Blue, Grey and Black
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Basic Configuration

Material of Construction FRP with Polyethylene Inner Shell
Color Different colors are available
Opening Top opening with 4″ Threaded
Maximum Operating Pressure 150 psi (1 MPa ??1Kgf/cm2)
Maximum Operating Temperature 120??F (49??C)
Model number 3072
Material FRP

product description


Ocpuritech-3072 Pressure Vessels For frp water tank Application

The pressure vessel with PE liner and Polyethylene Inner Shell, 3072 pressure vessels FRP tank is a kind of nonmetallic composite which is made by resin and fiber glass. The non-corrosive, cost-effective solution for industrial water treatment application. FRP pressure vessels are widely used for RO system, industrial or commercial softening, water treatment systems and softeners.

The pressure vessels can be equipped with automatic or manual valves with perfect performance of high strength. It is usually used in the huge project, like the engineering project or some government project. With a variety of capacities options, we can tailor a vessel to meet your needs.

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Corrosion resistance,Easy and convenient installation,Beautiful appearance.
Smooth surface,Pressurization,High strength.
Light weight ,aging-resistance and long service life

ODM/OEM available

S/N No.  Specs / Model
1 (??205??H905) -835 Top: 2.5”
2 (??205??H1130) -844
3 (??230??H430) -917
4 (??230??H905) -935
5 (??230??H1085) -942
6 (??230??H1230) -948
7 (??255??H445) -1017
8 (??255??H905) -1035
9 (??255??H1130) -1044
10 (??255??H1390) -1054
11 (??300??H1220) -1248
12 (??300??H1340) -1252
13 (??300??H1650) -1265
14 (??330??H1120) -1344
15 (??330??H1400) -1354
16 (??355??H1670) -1465
17 (??400??H1670) -1665
18 (??400??H1670) -1665 Top: 4” Thread
19 (??450??H1670) -1865
20 (??530??H1750) -2169
21 (??600??H1850) -2472
22 (??750??1850H)- 3072
23 (??400??H1670) -1665 Top & Bottom: 4” Thread
24 (??450??H1670) -1865
25 (??530??H1750) -2169
26 (??600??H1850) -2472
27 (??600??H2200) -2487
28 (??750??1850H)- 3072
29 (??750??H2200) -3087
30 (??900??H1900)-3672
31 (??1000??H1850)-4072
32 (??900??H2400) -3694 Top & Bottom: 6” Flange
33 (??1000??H2400) -4094
34 (??1200??H1850)-4872
35 (??1200??H2400) -4894
36 (??1500??H2100) -6083
37 (??1500??H2400)-6094
–Working pressure: 150PSI;
–Colors: Natural, Blue, Grey and Black;
–PE liner;
–Warranty: 1 Year;
–NSF  and CE certificate.

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For water treatments


Pressure vessels mainly are used in the pretreatment part of the water treatment system to remove impurities, suspended matter, residual chlorine and smell. FRP tanks and pressure vessels are used in various commercial and industrial applications, including chemical, water & waste water, food & beverage, mining & metals, power, energy, and high-purity applications.


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CE certification


CE certificate is a certification mark that indicates

conformity with health, safety, and environmental

protection standards for products sold within the European

Economic Area (EEA).


The CE marking is also found on products sold

outside the EEA, This makes the CE certificate recognizable

worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the

European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the

FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic

devices sold in the United States.


Our water treatment system and water treatment

accessories all have been certificated by CE and provide 1

-year warranty, many clients are very recognized for the

quality of our products, we are your trusted partners,

contact us now??

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