• Product Name: 2T/h Pure Water Equipment
  • Model: HRO-2T-A3
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Desalination Rate: 98%
  • Automatic Operation
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Product Details:

    • Product Name: 2T/h Pure Water Equipment
    • Model: HRO-2T-A3
    • Key Components: Entire stainless steel structure + High-pressure pump + UV sterilizer + SS304 RO membrane housing 4080


    • Maximum Inlet TDS: 1500 ppm
    • Recovery Rate: 52%
    1. Corrosion-Resistant SS304 Frame: We employ Stainless Steel 304 instead of SS201 for a corrosion-resistant and anti-rust effect.
    2. Laser Welding Technology: The frame welding is carried out using a laser machine, ensuring a better appearance and superior strength compared to hand-welded frames.
    3. Intelligent Control: The entire system is controlled by an automatic control valve, enabling automated flushing and operation, thereby saving labor costs.
    4. Equipped with RO Controller: It can halt the operation of the RO section during the backwashing of pretreatment processes (sand filter/carbon filter/softener), safeguarding the high-pressure pump from running without water and extending the pump’s service life.
    5. Float Switch Integration: It controls equipment startup when there is a lack of water and shuts down when the water is full, achieving fully automatic operation.
    6. Utilization of RO Membrane: We use RO membranes that achieve a desalination rate of up to 98%, effectively reducing TDS and ensuring that the purified water complies with domestic drinking water standards.
    7. Water Purification Precision: 0.0001 us/cm
    8. Warranty: 2 years

Applications of Filtered Water:

    • This equipment finds wide applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemical, food and beverage, and drinking water production. It can effectively remove dissolved solids, organic matter, microorganisms, bacteria, and particulates from water to ensure high-purity water. This system is suitable for applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics production, laboratory research, and drinking water production, among other fields.

How does it works?