1000lph Commercial Ro Water Treatment Purification System Filter Purifier Well Reverse Osmosis Plant Price Machine


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Brand Name
RO membrane
4040 x 4 pcs – MR brand
Flow Chart
RO permeate (x 1pcs)
Control type
RO controller : programmed RO control+Permeate TDS monitor
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Control Type: EM222 Digital Extension Module MPT tada connect wire Extension Module connect wire
capacity: Glass fiber reinforced plastics
Desalting rate: OEM
Security Filter: 14DAYS
Membrane: China??Guangdong??Guangzhou


    Ro system water treatment machine can produce fresh water though desalinate . It??s a kind of technology to increase the water source using. Not only can it increase the total amount of freshwater, but also supply good quality and reasonable price. Moreover, it can guarantee freshwater supply for coastal residents?? and industrial water boilers stably, etc.

Product name 1000LPH RO Water Treatment Maximum Operating Temperature 113?H(45??)
Brand Ocpuritech Cost Industrial
Model NF1000 Controller box Common electric box
Capacity 1000lph Desalination rate 99.80%
Voltage 220V Maximum pressure drop 15psig(1.0bar)
Power 11KW Business Type Manufacturer
Free chlorine tolerance <0.1ppm Warranty 1 Year





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product-Ocpuritech-1000lph Commercial Ro Water Treatment Purification System Filter Purifier Well Re

product-Ocpuritech-10tph China Ro Systems Drinking Water Of Purifier Wholesale For Large Scale Rever

Reverse Osmosis(RO) is a process that uses semi-permeable spiral wound membranes to separate and remove dissolved solids, organic,pyrogens,submicron colloidal matter,color,nitrate and bacteria from water. Feed water is delivered under pressure through the semi-permeable membrane,where water permeates the minute pores of the membrane and is delivered as purified water called permeate water.Impurities in the water are concentrated in the reject stream and flushed to the drain is called concentrate water.


RO Membrane is mainly used in different small systems, such as domestic water

Hospital and laboratory cleaning and other cleaning water equipment.

Achieve the same high flux as conventional low pass and salt deviation at very low pressure

The deflection rate of IP salt is more than 97%

It can reduce the investment cost of pumps, pipelines, containers and other facilities.

The operation cost of the system can improve the economic benefit.

product-10tph China Ro Systems Drinking Water Of Purifier Wholesale For Large Scale Reverse Osmosis -1


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The power industry:boiler water supply

The electronics industry:the semiconductor industry ultrapure water,cleaning water IC

Food industry:prescription water,water production;tea,fruit juice,vegetable juice and plants the

thermosensitive material extranction and enrichment

Beverage industry:Formulation of water,production water,wash water

The pharmsceutical industry: process water,reagent water,wash water,water for injection,the

drug concentration separation

The chemical industry:the production of water,waste water treatment,the concentration of