Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems stand at the forefront of water treatment technology, addressing the diverse needs of industries by efficiently removing salts and contaminants from various impure feed water sources. From municipal to brackish and surface water, these systems play a crucial role in ensuring the production of high-quality water suitable for a wide range of applications.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

At OCPURITECH, we take pride in producing a comprehensive range of designed and custom Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems. With capacities ranging from 2000 to 180,000,000 LPH, our energy-efficient RO equipment guarantees the production of high-quality water at an economically affordable cost. Our commitment extends to delivering high-quality water even under challenging operational conditions and corrosive environments.

Customizable Features for Optimal Performance

We understand that each water treatment application is unique. Therefore, our industrial RO systems are designed with selectable functional control features and additional apparatus, providing users with the capacity to customize their reverse osmosis machines. Whatever the specific requirements of your water treatment application, OCPURITECH’s industrial reverse osmosis system stands as the optimal solution.

Compact Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant: TW SRO Series

Our TW SRO Series stands out as one of the most compact industrial reverse osmosis systems available. It comes equipped with media filters and chemical dosing systems (including pre-chlorination, antiscalant, dechlorination, post chlorination, and post pH adjustment), all customized to meet the diverse needs of individual customers and various water applications.

Featuring energy-saving 8040 RO membranes, the TW SRO Series is designed with a keen consideration for specific water challenges. Its attributes include robust construction, a user-friendly design, environmentally friendly materials, economic operation, and long-term reliability. Moreover, you have the flexibility to select the TW SRO system as your containerized reverse osmosis water treatment plant.

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