Discover the CT-0.5T Reverse Osmosis System, an advanced water treatment solution featuring high-efficiency components. This reverse osmosis water filter system is perfect for industrial water purification, offering a reliable solution for clean and safe water.

Equipment Main Unit
Precision Filter 20-inch dual blue bottles, plastic thread, ensures optimal water filtration.
High-Pressure Pump PLD2-11 (1.8kw, Q: 2m³/hr; H: 102) 220V/50Hz, provides stable high pressure for the RO system.


Electrical Control
Control System TW-G (with two CICI solenoid valves), intelligent control, easy to operate.
Regulating Valve High precision needle valve, precisely adjusts water flow.

The CT-0.5T Reverse Osmosis System is equipped with a high pressure pump for RO and features a stainless steel membrane housing, ensuring durability and efficiency. This reverse osmosis water system is ideal for applications requiring high-quality water, including industrial water purification and other demanding environments.

With its precision water filter and advanced control system, the CT-0.5T Reverse Osmosis System offers reliable performance and ease of operation. The inclusion of efficient water filtration system components makes this system a top choice for ensuring clean and safe water in various industrial settings.