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We can easily see the differences as we compare our Smart RO System with Traditional RO System. Our smart RO system is a tankless design that can save up to 70% of the space area of your kitchen. Our Smart RO system gives real-time high flow stable water supply while the traditional RO syetem gives you a low flow rate. This smart RO system saves water and its integrated design makes it dustproof and leak-proof while traditional RO Systems have complex structures, difficult to clean dust, and easy leak!


We will provide a printed user manual with this machine. The manual is in English so easy to understand for all. Here all the technical specifications are written. Also have Instructions for installation and use, troubleshooting and warranty card on the last page. You will get 1 year of warranty for this machine.


All these accessories will be provided free along with this machine. This is a Faucet it has two options here as you can see, one is for drinking water another option is for wash water. Drinking water option you can drink and wash water you can use for daily washes use for your kitchen. Here you need to connect the pipes as you can see this is a feed water line, this is a pure water line, this is wastewater line and the last one is a filtered water line.


This filter is very easy to remove and install. To remove the filter turn off the purifier and hold the handle and rotate it anti-clockwise. To install the new filter element in place clockwise and complete the installation.


The lifetime of the PPC filter is 6-12 months and the RO filter is 2-3 years depending on use and your raw water quality.

We can make the plug and frequency as per your country requirements. After powered on the purifier would enter the automatic flushing mode and then switch to water production mode.If the faucet is turned off, the purifier would enter the standby mode of water production.

This smart RO system is very popular now for its smart and advanced technology design, hassle-free installation & filter replacement. The warranty period of this machine is 1 year. If you have any requirements feel free to contact us.

600 GPD Commercial RO Water Purifier

Ocpuritech LS-M2103R-600 GPD

Introducing our advanced water purification machine, the LS-M2103R-600 GPD, equipped with cutting-edge ionized water filters for superior water quality. This high-performance in-line water filter system ensures efficient water purification throughout your entire house. With the combination of PPC filter and RO filter, this filtration system guarantees exceptional results.

The PPC filter, composed of a PP cotton and activated carbon composite filter element, effectively eliminates visible substances in water while adsorbing harmful elements like residual chlorine, colorants, odors, and small molecular organics. The RO filter efficiently intercepts heavy metal irons (such as arsenic, lead, and cadmium), bacteria, chemical residue, microorganisms, and organic matter, ensuring the water you consume is safe and clean.

Our Smart RO System stands out from traditional RO systems with its tankless design, saving up to 70% of kitchen space. Experience real-time high-flow stable water supply, a significant advantage over the low flow rates of traditional RO systems. Additionally, our smart RO system is water-efficient, dustproof, and leak-proof due to its integrated design, offering convenience and peace of mind compared to complex and high-maintenance traditional RO systems.

Included with this water purification machine is a printed user manual, written in English for easy understanding. The manual provides technical specifications, installation and usage instructions, troubleshooting guidance, and a warranty card on the last page. Enjoy the assurance of a one-year warranty for this machine, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Complimentary accessories accompany this machine, including a versatile faucet with two options: one for drinking water and another for wash water. Connect the appropriate pipes to utilize the drinking water option for consumption and the wash water option for daily kitchen use. The feed water line, pure water line, wastewater line, and filtered water line are clearly marked for easy installation.

The filter is designed for effortless removal and installation. Simply turn off the purifier, hold the handle, and rotate it anti-clockwise to remove the filter. For installation, place the new filter element in position and rotate it clockwise until fully installed.

The PPC filter has a lifespan of 6-12 months, while the RO filter lasts 2-3 years, depending on usage and the quality of your raw water. We offer customizable plugs and frequencies to meet your country’s requirements. Upon powering on the purifier, it enters automatic flushing mode before transitioning to water production mode. When the faucet is turned off, the purifier enters standby mode for water production.

Our smart RO system is gaining popularity due to its intelligent design, hassle-free installation, and easy filter replacement. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a one-year warranty. If you have any specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing our water purification system.