250LPH RO Main Unit – High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Water System

Component Description
Precision Filter 20-inch blue bottle (includes filter)
High-Pressure Pump LEO WTSm2-11, 220V 50Hz, 1.1KW
RO Membrane Housing Blue fiberglass 4040
Control Panel Panel-mounted flow meters and gauges

The 250LPH RO Main Unit is a high-performance reverse osmosis water system designed to deliver pure and safe drinking water. Ideal for both residential and industrial applications, this unit is built with advanced technology to ensure reliable and efficient water purification.

Key Features:

  • Precision Filter: Equipped with a 20-inch blue bottle housing and filter cartridge for superior pre-filtration.
  • High-Pressure Pump: LEO WTSm2-11, 220V 50Hz, 1.1KW pump ensures consistent and high-pressure water flow for optimal RO performance.
  • RO Membrane Housing: Durable blue fiberglass 4040 housing designed to protect and enhance the efficiency of the RO membranes.
  • Control Panel: Includes a user-friendly control panel with flow meters, pressure gauges, and solenoid valves for easy monitoring and operation.
  • Electromagnetic Valve: Ensures reliable water flow control.
  • Electrical Control Box: Convenient and safe electrical control box with connections for a backup feed pump, three pre-treatment tanks, chemical dosing, and CIP pump.