Some people think that drinking pure water lack of nutrition and trace elements which is unhealthy.So many people are not willing to buy a set of Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. Actually, This statement is short of sufficient clinical practice and corresponding theoretical basis.

According to common medical knowledge, water plays a major transport role in the human body. Only through the water can transport the nutrients needed to the human body viscera, at the same time the water can help us discharged the harmful toxins which endocrine from the human body. Water can help maintaining cell morphology, improving metabolism, but not providing nutrition to human’s body.

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Professor E Xueli, the Preventive Medical Sciences College, believes that the main role of water is promoting metabolism in the human body. Drinking water can not help our body to absorb the nutrients needed. Water may contain a few of minerals in the nature, but its contribution of the minerals is negligible (1 cup of milk is equivalent to 1,000 cups of mineral water). What’s more,  natural water contain a large of harmful substances. We shouldn’t swallow all kinds of bacteria, viruses together just for the sake of taking the minerals in the water.

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Dr.Li Wenjun, the Expert of Medicine and Nutrition, pointed out that long-term drinking of healthy water (activity) can reduce the incident of urinary system disease by 60%, and cerebrovascular diseases by 40%, and cancer by 20%. Because healthy water is active which can adsorb the useless things, and discharged from the body. At the same time.

Yang Zhenbo, the expert of Water Quality at the Environmental Health Monitoring Institute, pointed out that only plants can absorb and utilize inorganic minerals from soil, and only organic substances transformed by plants can be absorbed by human beings. Few people can absorb nutrients from inorganic minerals. Folks should taking calcium (active calcium, organic calcium) from milk or calcium tablets, and a large amount of calcium (inorganic) in water is useless. If people intake the minerals which can not be absorbed in the body will be eliminated through the liver, kidney and other internal organs, thus making the organs bear additional burden, which is also an important reason cause of kidney stones.

Obviously, drinking pure water does not affect our health, because the trace elements in water can be obtained through the food, milk and so on, unless you only drink water and do not eat anymore.

So why don’t you choose a reliable Reverse Osmosis Household System? The purified water produced by RO Reverse Osmosis Water Purification is fresher, healthier and safer than bottled water. It has a wide range uses, which can be drunk for raw or boiled. The most prominent feature is that the kettle or electric thermos will not scale any more. It is more hygienic and more delicious when used in cooking. Washing with pure water can got the grime off the skin, and moisturize it. It can provide water for humidifier, steam iron, beauty instrument and other small household appliances, without any annoying scale. it is used together with the ice maker, and the ice made is crystal clear, without any peculiar smell. The household reverse osmosis water purifier uses advanced RO membrane, advanced activated carbon material, which is more suitable for the needs of the people’s families, with high quality and low price. After sales service is reassuring.

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