With people’s attention to drinking water safety, reverse osmosis water purifier is gradually becoming the mainstream of modern household water purification products. It adopts reverse osmosis filtration technology, and the core element is reverse osmosis membrane. Only water molecules can pass through the reverse osmosis membrane and remain for drinking; Bacteria, viruses (including SARS virus and the smallest BSE in the world can be effectively intercepted), scale, heavy metal ions, radioactive substances and other harmful substances, various pollutants, and soluble salt ions can not pass through the membrane, but become concentrated water discharged. The reverse osmosis pure water machine ensures the safety and reliability of the effluent quality, and there is no problem of water source pollution.

The domestic reverse osmosis pure water machine is a domestic pure water device used for producing domestic direct drinking water by reverse osmosis membrane method.

The water purification system of the pure water machine takes the reverse osmosis membrane as the core. The part before the reverse osmosis membrane can be called pre-treatment, and the part after the reverse osmosis membrane is called post-treatment. Reverse osmosis pure water machine is a device that integrates microfiltration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, ultra purification and other technologies to directly convert tap water into ultra pure water. Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is the core element of reverse osmosis pure water unit. The purified water produced by reverse osmosis pure water mechanism is fresher, healthier and safer than barreled water. It is widely used.

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Cleaning method of household machine

1. Cut off the power supply of the water dispenser.

2. Clean the surface, tray and other parts. Clean the surface with neutral detergent, but do not use organic detergent, otherwise it will corrode the surface of water dispenser. Alcohol cotton balls can be used to clean the water inlet, inner wall, faucet, ponding tray, etc; Insert the water bottle vertically downward into the smart seat on the upper part of the machine, turn on the red hot water tap and blue cold water tap, turn off the tap until there is water discharged, and then hold the bottle body with both hands and take out the water bottle upward.

3. Clean the outside of the water dispenser and the smart seat.

4. Pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning disinfectant into the water storage tank. After soaking for 10 minutes, turn on the water tap until the disinfectant is red and blue.

5. Unscrew the drain valve at the back or bottom of the machine and drain the disinfectant in the water dispenser.

6. Rinse repeatedly with boiling water or barreled water for several times.

7. Tighten the drain valve and complete the disinfection and sterilization procedures.

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Detailed explanation of reverse osmosis household filtration system

Primary filtration: 5 micron PP fiber filter cartridge (remove impurities visible to the naked eye in water, including sediment, red insects, rust, etc.)

Function: pre-treatment

Service life: according to the raw water quality, it is recommended to replace it once every 3 months

Second stage filtration: granular activated carbon filter cartridge (strong adsorption of organic matter, different colors and peculiar smell, such as pesticides, chlorine, etc.)

Function: pre-treatment

Features: adsorb organic matter, different colors and peculiar smell in water through physical action, such as pesticides and chlorine, so as to achieve the purposes of disinfection, decolorization, purification and decontamination

Service life: according to the raw water quality, it is recommended to replace it once every 6-12 months.

Tertiary filtration: high density sintered activated carbon filter cartridge (strong adsorption of color, odor and organic matter (such as pesticides) in raw water)

Function: pre-treatment


1. It is made by high-density process. The micropores formed on the surface and inside of the  filter cartridge are developed, with high arrangement density, uniform and dense arrangement, fast adsorption speed and high efficiency.

2. The filter element integrates the advantages of ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of membrane and ordinary activated carbon filtration. For example, the membrane only intercepts the substances in the water, but has no effect on the peculiar smell and color in the water, and can not remove the color and smell in the water, such as the color brought by bleaching powder and natural pigment. Granular activated carbon will form gap filtration in the process of water scouring, so that some water hardly contacts with activated carbon when passing through the carbon bed.

Service life: according to the raw water quality, it is recommended to replace it once every 6-12 months

Fourth stage filtration: RO membrane reverse osmosis technology (apply membrane separation technology to remove all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and organic compounds in water)

Function: under pressure, water becomes pure water through reverse osmosis membrane; Impurities in water are intercepted by reverse osmosis membrane and carried out by concentrated water. The use of reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove inorganic salt ions, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial endotoxin and most organic matters in water;

Service life: according to the raw water quality and water consumption, it is recommended to replace it once every 18-36 months

The Fifth stage of filtration: Post placed antibacterial activated carbon (adsorb peculiar smell, adjust the taste of water, mellow and sweet, conducive to human absorption).

Features: the silver loaded activated carbon made of coconut shell can adjust the pH of water quality, make the taste of purified water sweet and mellow (weakly alkaline water), inhibit bacteria in water and reduce secondary pollution.

Suitable Occasion

It is suitable for families, offices and other places. It is mainly used for drinking. Features: fresh direct drink, good taste. When the direct drinking machine is in the working state of water making: the water purification outlet is opened and the sewage outlet is closed. In the water making state, raw water (unprocessed water) enters from the water inlet. First, it is filtered by the ultrafiltration membrane filter element to effectively remove the sediment, rust, bacteria, colloid, algae, macromolecular organic matter and other harmful substances in the water in a high-precision and pure physical way, and then magnetize the water purified by the ultrafiltration membrane through multi-functional nanocrystals, natural calcium ion spheres and KDF Mineralization, activation, weak alkalization, and removal of heavy metal ions, followed by high-quality coconut shell activated carbon and special dechlorination activated carbon filter element to effectively remove organic matters (such as chloroform), improve the taste and form fresh direct drinking water.

Working Principle

All pure water machines in the domestic market should have five levels of filtration. The first level is PP cotton filter element, the second and third levels are granular activated carbon, the fourth level is RO reverse osmosis membrane, and the fifth level is post activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste. The filter element of the filter device of household (commercial) pure water machine has a service life. The fiber filter element can generally be used for 6 months and the activated carbon filter element is generally 12 months. Their service life completely depends on the local water quality, water pressure and water consumption; When the filter element is replaced regularly, the shelf life of reverse osmosis membrane is 2 years. If the pretreatment is sufficient, its actual service life can reach 8 years and the removal rate can reach more than 99%. The pure water produced by the pure water machine can not only be used for daily drinking, such as making tea, coffee, milk powder, refrigeration, etc. the direct raw drinking effect is better. The ice made from pure water is crystal clear, clean and hygienic. The pure water can also be used for steaming rice, boiling soup, cooking porridge, etc. the food tastes pure. When you need to eat raw fruits and vegetables, you’d better wash it with pure water for the last time, which makes you feel more at ease, Pure water will not stimulate the skin. If you wash your face with it, it can play a cosmetic role.

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The post-treatment of pure water machine can adopt activated carbon filter element, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, etc.

The function of post activated carbon filter element is to deeply treat the pure water produced by reverse osmosis membrane, remove volatile organic compounds and odor in the water and improve the taste of pure water. Especially for the pure water machine using pressure water storage bucket, the rear activated carbon can effectively remove the rubber smell produced by the water storage bucket.

Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is often used in high-grade pure water machine, which can prevent purified water from secondary pollution.

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Common Faults

1. If the transformer burns out and the raw water pressure fails, it will directly lead to the failure of the water pump to start and unable to produce purified water;

2. Check whether the PP filter element is blocked, resulting in water unable to flow, pressure rise and water leakage. If this phenomenon occurs, replace the filter element;

3. The outflow water quality standard is unqualified. Check whether the reverse osmosis membrane is blocked or seriously polluted due to long-term use;

4. The pressure bucket has been filled with water, but the pure water cannot flow out. It may be that the rear activated carbon is blocked and must be replaced;

5. The machine has stopped running, but there is still water flowing out. It is necessary to check whether the water inlet solenoid valve operates normally;

6. The machine cannot be shut down due to frequent startup. It is necessary to check whether the high-voltage switch fails

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