The water purifier machine completely removes molecules larger than water molecules, it completely separates heavy metals and impurities from water molecules, and is used for desalination of seawater with high impurity content. It is currently the best pure water equipment. The water produced by reverse osmosis water purifier machine is really clean water. The pure water produced by the small reverse osmosis water purifier machine is fresher, healthier and safer than the bottled water. It is widely used: it can be drunk or boiled. The most prominent feature is the kettle or electric heating bottle will no longer scale; pure water is used for cooking, it is more sanitary more delicious; bath with pure water, it can remove impurities on the skin and moisturize the skin, it play a natural beauty effect; It can be provided to the humidifier Water, steam iron, beauty instrument and other small household appliances need water, there will never be annoying scales; with the ice machine, the ice cubes are crystal clear and without any odor. However, sometimes you will encounter the problem of water production decline in the process of use, Ocpuritech based on 10 years of practical experience summarized the following reasons.

The daily water flow rate of reverse osmosis water purifier machine is consistent with that of reverse osmosis membrane, but the actual water production flow rate of pure water equipment is also affected by the conditions of raw water pressure and raw water temperature, which are greatly affected by the temperature of raw water. Therefor, the phenomenon that the pure water equipment has high water production in summer and low water production in winter is caused. In order to ensure that the reverse osmosis water purifier machine can work effectively for a long time, we choose high quality RO equipment, and it is very important to master the equipment operation standard. The use temperature of the reverse osmosis membrane should be strictly limited to 35 degrees to ensure the normal service life and water output of the equipment.

Ocpuritech-Solve Decreasing Water Production Of Water Purifier Machine In Minutes,

If the salt rejection rate is reduced and the water production is also reduced, check the equipment for microbial contamination and scale contamination. Microbial contamination will cause a significant increase in pressure drop in all stages of the RO system. Microbial contamination occurs in systems where the water source is used for surface water and wastewater reuse. The solution is to add a fungicide to the feed water, but try not to use the Oxidizing fungicide. Fouling contamination can cause fouling to foul the inlet pipe, which often causes an increase in the pressure drop of the last segment of the membrane element. Appropriate measures to control fouling must be ensured.

Industrial water purifier machine has a high conductivity. The main reason is to look at the design process of industrial water purifier machine. Whether it is RO reverse osmosis water purifier machine or ion exchange equipment, the details are as follows:

★ If you use RO reverse osmosis water purifier machine, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Whether the reverse osmosis membrane is blocked;

2, The reverse osmosis membrane has not been used for too long, 12 months to 24 months;

3. Is there any contamination of reverse osmosis;

4. Whether the reverse osmosis membrane shell is damaged or not, and whether the head is broken or not;

5. Check the pretreatment part;

6, The raw water quality has not changed a lot, such as the original water conductivity is much higher

★ If you use ion exchange equipment, you need to consider the following issues:

1. Whether the resin is used for a long time, generally from 12 months to 24 months;

2, resin reduction regeneration has not been improperly operated, including the quality of hydrochloric acid and caustic soda, it generally used 30% of hydrochloric acid, and 95% of the alkali is diluted; reducing and regenerating the amount of acid and alkali is not enough; the rate of absorption of acid and alkali can not be too fast, keep it for 45 minutes to 60 minutes; it needs to be fully soaked after absorbing acid and alkali; the flushing is not enough clean;

3. There is no problem in the pretreatment part, especially if the activated carbon powder leaks into the resin tank, and there is no pollution to the resin.

4, Whether the amount of resin is too small, generally the anion and cation resin should reach 60%-80% of the resin tank. If it is a small bed machine, the anion resin should be filled 30%-50% more than the cation resin. You can eliminate the problem of high conductivity of pure water equipment according to the process adopted by your own water purifier machine. If the above problems are still not solved, it is recommended to find after-sales service to ensure the normal operation and working state of the machine.

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